In the past, choosing floor covering other than rugs or carpet meant putting up with chilly floors. But with floor radiant heat, even marble, tile and wood floors are comfortably warm to the touch – which makes your floor covering options unlimited, and your home noticeably more comfortable. So whether you’re getting up in the morning, stepping out of the shower or strolling on the patio, you’ll always get a warm welcome with floor radiant heat.

Advantages of Floor Radiant Heat:

  Concentrates heat at the floor, where it warms people and objects

  Reduces energy costs by reducing heat loss

  Warms without drafts that cool rooms and aggravate allergies

  Provides a quieter home

  Eliminates circulation of dust from room to room

  Eliminates unsightly baseboards, hot-air registers and cold-air returns that interfere with furnishings placement

  Provides smooth transitions between floor coverings of different height, eliminating toe-stubbing, uneven floors

  25-year warranty on tubing; 1-year warranty on mechanicals

  Houston’s can install a floor radiant heating system in your existing home, new home or commercial facility.